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Thank you for your purchase from Graphics by Misty!


These are designed as close to 12"x15" as possible.
Images are saved at 300PPI.
You will receive 1 PNG file.
Your file will be available to download after payment.

This purchase includes a commercial use license for up to 100 sales. if you intend to sell more than 100 please contact me for additional licensing.
This purchase is for YOUR personal/business use ONLY!
The license included in this purchase is a single user license. It cannot be sub-licensed, resold, transferred, or redistributed in any way.

Please keep in mind, this is a digital item, and familiarity with software and equipment with which this will be printed, is solely the responsibility of the buyer. Please make sure you have the right software for this particular file prior to purchase, as no refunds will be provided.

Terms of Use:
1. Graphics MAY NOT be edited in ANY way.
*Personalization (names/team names) of my designs is an exception and allowed with all my designs!
*Simple edits (names, colors, etc) that does not change the design itself will be a $1-$2 edit fee.
*You MAY NOT use my designs to build a logo or brand your business. I do create logos so if you need one you may contact me.
*Graphics are NOT to be sent to any other designer/printer/cutter for work to be done. If you need something you didn't already order please contact me for those items.
*You are NOT allowed to sell/share/give away my designs in DIGITAL form EVER!
*DO NOT! I repeat... DO NOT! take any of my photos to another digital designer to copy. Most of my customers pay extra to have their design exclusive to them.
*You may not for any reason send my designs/files to China.
*Print on demand sites needs to be approved with me first.
*You may NOT post my designs by itself or in mockup without a watermark to prevent stealing.
*ALL my designs have my “GBM” logo on the image very small in the design somewhere. It cannot by any means be removed! This is to help protect my work and so my design can stand out from remakes/copies of my design. being the designs I created. This CANNOT be removed! If you are found removing said logo you will forfeit any membership rights (if any) and any rights to use my designs now and in the future!
*Do NOT claim my designs as your own!
2. YOU MAY NOT use these files for RIBBON/FABRIC.
3. YOU MAY NOT use these files for CUTTING FILES (any type).
*If you are a cutter for sublimation blanks you need to contact me for information on using my designs.
*If you purchase your own blanks I cannot guarantee my files will fit as they are designed specifically to fit said designer in each mockup.
4. YOU MAY NOT use these files for JEWELRY.
*I do design for some cutters that sell sublimation blanks for jewelry. If any of my designs are designed FOR a cutter than you may use it for that blank.
5. YOU MAY NOT use these files for CLAY PIECES.
6. YOU MAY NOT use these for creating your own digital files for sale.
*You are NOT allowed to sell/share/give away my designs in DIGITAL form EVER!
*Designs are for your personal/business use as printed transfers or finished products ONLY!
*I do create elements (frames, alphabets, etc). if the file is listed as an element then you MAY use it to create a digital file for sale.
7. Watermarks/Logos MUST be used to mark your photos ONLY unless otherwise discussed with me.
8. ALL files are for your own personal business use ONLY.
*If you need prints of my designs please contact me so I can refer you to someone who has the right to print my designs.
9. ABSOLUTELY NO MASS PRODUCTION (over 100 qty sold per graphics/file) use of ANY files sent to you by Misty Moya/Graphics By Misty.
*Again, my designs/files are NEVER allowed to be sent to China.
*If you sell transfers of any kind (pre-orders/RTS) and you will sell more than 100 sales of said design, contact me for further license details.

*If you are found to not abide by these terms, you will forfeit the rights to use any and all designs and/or logos purchased from me in the past or future and legal action will be pursued.

Terms of Use can change at any time.
It is your responsibility to keep up to date with them.
Thank you,
Graphics by Misty